Zany Gram

Butter Up Your Vocab!!

Below you’ll see blank spaces that need filling in.

Get twisted, get racy…the more the better. Once you fill them all in, and press send, a special (and we mean special) message will be sent to the victim of your choice. That’s a big ‘ol head you got there. Now, let’s see if it works

This is a reproduction of the Zany Gram from the original Toonstruck (1996) website – the resultant message required some creative license. If someone has the original, please send it in. Hints have also been added below each field so you don’t need to dust off your high school English homework.

e.g. Cutopia
e.g. Sam Schmaltz Inc
e.g. Zany
e.g. foot
e.g. King Hugh
e.g. partying
e.g. Cutopian
e.g. Jim
e.g. malevolent
e.g. whack
e.g. fluffy
e.g. phone
E.g. Googled
e.g neat
e.g glue
e.g zany
e.g. hunk of meat
e.g wild
e.g buddy