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Toonstruck 2

Toonstruck 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 cult classic point-and-click adventure game starring Christopher Lloyd.

The game was originally intended to be part of the original Toonstruck but was cut at the last minute with the intention of releasing it as a sequel.

Due to bad timing (the game was released just as 2D games were falling out of favour), and a limited marketing budget, Toonstruck 2 was never released (see FAQ).

Unfortunately, this is not the long-overdue announcement for the release of Toonstruck 2. This site represents a renewed effort by fans and former members of the games development team to make Toonstruck 2 a reality. But, there is another wrong that first needs to be righted…


While the shelving of Toonstruck 2 is frustrating to the fans who loved the game, and the artists and developers who worked passionately on its creation, the biggest crime is that the original game never reached the audience that it deserved. Despite critical acclaim, Toonstruck is seldom a title that gets included when discussing the classic point-and-click adventure games, and that’s largely because it went under the radar on its release.

Toonstruck is nearly 30 years old, so in order to bring Toonstruck to a wider audience, it needs to be released in a modern format, similar to other classics from the genre such as Monkey Island, and Day of the Tentacle.

Fortunately, within the last few years, advancements in Artificial Intelligence image reprocessing have opened up new viabilities for remastering the game (see Gallery) in a fraction of the time it would take to recreate it from scratch. While hard work would still be required, these technological developments do significantly mitigate one of the challenges that have prevented the game from getting a remaster in the past.

However, there are other challenges, the most significant of which is the legal rights to the game. With that in mind, we have several goals for 2023, including producing a working tech demo.

If you’re reading this, you can help. If you’re an artist, game developer, or member of the original production, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a fan of the game, please head over to the comments section and tell us about your experience with it. Don’t forget to check out the mini-games and the Zany Gram.

If you’ve never played the game, head over to Steam or GOG and give it a spin. We’ll meet you back here when you’re done.

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